You may have over heard a lot these days about all the great health and fitness that are connected with consuming extra virgin extra virgin olive oil, such as upping your good bad cholesterol and avoiding heart disease. There exists a correlation between those two statistics, so that if you are hauling around extra few pounds of lard in your body, which is mostly added by fatty food, you should think about using some antioxidants with your diet. There are lots of antioxidants that happen to be particularly beneficial when it comes to reducing your bodyweight and keeping your heart healthy. One of those antioxidants is termed quercetin, and several different varieties of quercetin that you can take.

It really is primarily present in extra virgin olive oil and can be found as a powder or in its water form. Moreover to having a good effect on the heart into the cholesterol, quercetin has been shown to assist prevent a number of types of cancer, which includes prostate malignancy. This is due to the reality it contains monounsaturated fats that happen to be similar to individuals found in extra virgin olive oil. In particular, it may help prevent the development of breast cancer. Quercetin can also prevent prostate and breast cancer in both men and women.

A lot of the studies that have been conducted for this compound are generally performed inside the Mediterranean region, so that is to likely to come across it. The most common type of quercetin available on grocery store shelf is in the way of an lotion or cream. You can also find it as a nutritional supplement in some style. The bottom line is that we now have many benefits to using extra virgin extra virgin olive oil, which includes receiving your heart healthy and balanced and lowering your risk for cardiovascular disease. In addition to those benefits, it also gives a number of other benefits including helping to keep a healthy skin tone, and making certain types of food taste better.